Clinical studies

In 2009, BMS invested over $50 million in research and development in Canada. $15 million was invested directly in Canadian Bristol-Myers Squibb clinical trials of more than 20 new drugs being studied in 500 research sites across Canada, enrolling more than 3,500 patients. $35 million was invested in other R&D activities.

Investigator-Sponsored Research

Bristol-Myers Squibb actively supports investigator-sponsored research (ISR) and considers requests for research in all therapeutic areas. Projects that focus on the company's areas of expertise are given priority and include research in the following fields: cardiovascular/metabolism, neuroscience/psychiatry, oncology, immunology and virology.

Process for submitting research proposals

Bristol-Myers Squibb has updated its process to apply for support for investigator-sponsored research. The new process provides a framework and allows investigators to work from a common set of criteria, requirements and schedule of events. The process is designed to ensure scientific rigor and patient safety while supporting unique research ideas and providing insights into areas of unmet medical need.

Specific time periods for submission of research proposal are now offered. The application period is from April 1 through June 30. Projects are advised if they have been successful within 2 months following the closure of the submission period.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for investigator-sponsored research support, please click here.