Our Culture

What makes a company's culture?

It's many things, from the right vision to the right attitude. It's how a company's people think, interact, dream, build and create. At Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada, it's doing what's most important to us – helping patients prevail over serious diseases.

At Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada, there's a direct line from our people to our success. Our culture is not only about who we are and what we do; it's about how we do it. It's about helping patients prevail through our personal commitment.

Working Together for Patients

At Bristol-Myers Squibb, we put patients at the centre of all we do. We are united by this common goal, but each of our employees has their own source of inspiration that drives them. Bristol-Myers Squibb brings these stories to life with its “Working Together for Patients” initiative that enables our colleagues to share their stories and connections with patients that inspire and motivate their work.

These stories can be found here.


We are committed to sustaining a work environment and culture that thrives on the passion, support and teamwork of colleagues with diverse perspectives – all committed to building the company we are, a next-generation BioPharma leader.

Career development

In addition to great benefits, we offer a work environment that encourages and recognizes career development through leadership development programs, networking opportunities and professional training to help employees make the most of their careers.

Attracting the best talent

We work hard at attracting the best talent to our team. Our goal is to have committed and passionate employees working together to uphold the mission and commitment of Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada and a company-wide culture that encourages excellence, leadership, innovation and a balance between our personal and professional lives.

Living the Bristol-Myers Squibb mission and commitment is a critical imperative for our company as a whole and each of us individually. It provides a clear guide for our daily behaviours and business activities. Our core behaviours reinforce the commitment and drive a high performance culture of accountability and engagement with the highest level of integrity, that help us deliver on our mission of helping patients prevail over serious diseases.