Lucien Dupuis, on his son’s schizophrenia

Lucien Dupuis' son was always very sociable and active – traveling around the world, hiking, mountain-climbing, and more. "I realized something was wrong when he returned home, following a long trip alone," Lucien recalls. "He lost his passion for his studies and became very disorganized and disrespectful."

“I help my son, but I want him to fly with his own wings.”

In July 2002, his son threatened to commit suicide if he did not get a new video camera. When Lucien tried to take him for a psychiatric consultation, he fled. Mr. Dupuis waited until he returned to his apartment, and with police assistance, hospitalized his son. He was diagnosed with schizophrenic disorders and put on several medications. When he was released in October 2002, he returned home to live with his father. His medication caused nausea, he did not take it regularly and his disorganization persisted. In December 2003, he accidentally set fire to the apartment. He gradually gave up his medication and had to be hospitalized. In August 2006, in a psychotic state, he broke a window and was arrested. Following a psychiatric evaluation ordered by the judge, he was released because of his mental condition. He still however had to be hospitalized and was put on a new medication.

It took three tries with different medications to find one that worked for him. Now, his disease is controlled. He receives his injections regularly and is faithful to his appointments.

His illness has taken a great toll on the whole family, with different people blaming each other and relationships suffering as a result. That required a lot of patience and empathy. But Lucien has learned that there is hope, there is no need to be ashamed of the illness, and that it's important to know about the disease and that you are not alone. The Société québécoise de schizophrénie has been an immense help.

He is pleased his son has taken the big step of accepting his condition, to get treatment, the crucial step, and is now on the right track. His relationship with his son has improved significantly, but he also wants to see him become more independent. "I help my son, but I want him to fly with his own wings."

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