Working Together for Patients

  • Meet Babak - Medical Affairs
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada

    “I always know that what I’m doing day-to-day is in the service of patients. I feel it.”

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  • Meet Stéphane - Senior Product Manager Lung Cancer
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada

    “It is an opportunity to make a difference and this is my way to make sense of my journey.”

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  • Meet Sébastien - Medical Director Oncology
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada

    “At the end of the day, we want to do right by patients.”

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  • Meet Janice - Clinical Trial Site Monitor
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada

    “Coming from a nursing background, patient well-being is always upmost in my mind.”

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  • Meet Julie - Health Economics and Market Access Manager
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada

    “Ongoing efforts are needed to address key challenges experienced by cancer patients in limited therapy options.”

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