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SINEMET® CR Canadian Supply Shortage

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MONTREAL, CANADA – (January 12, 2010) In Canada, SINEMET® (levodopa and carbidopa tablets) and SINEMET® CR (levodopa and carbidopa controlled-release tablets) are marketed and distributed by Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS). Merck is the DIN holder and the manufacturer.

  • A generic version SINEMET® CR 200mg/50mg strength has been discontinued by the manufacturer, which appears to be increasing the demand for SINEMET® CR.
  • Orders for SINEMET® CR exceeded forecasts for December 2009 and backorders exist. Additional supply has been secured to fulfill the backorders and will be shipped out to wholesalers and pharmacists within the next couple of weeks which should resolve any immediate supply concerns.
  • BMS is taking action to manage available product supply of SINEMET® CR. There may be interruptions in the supply of SINEMET® CR as both companies work to identify future demand and what can be done to be able to meet it given the absence of the generic product.
  • The shortage of SINEMET® CR is not related to any quality or safety issue.
  • BMS is working to notify customers and others as appropriate about any potential supply shortage and potential allocation plan.

For medical inquiries, call the BMS Medical Information Line at 1-866-463-6267.

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