Partnerships to help Canadians prevail

There are many things involved in helping patients prevail over the health challenges they face. Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada recognizes this and partners with numerous groups and organizations across Canada that help Canadians in a variety of important ways.

Helping patient groups serve

The commitment of Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada to helping patients prevail over serious diseases includes lending support to national and provincial organizations that are dedicated to the needs and interests of patients. In 2015, BMS provided a total funding of $366,000, to the following list of patient organizations:

Helping researchers innovate

Another important focus of Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada is providing funding for research to thrive in Canada by sponsoring a variety of research chairs and fellowships at Canada’s leading universities. The goal is to drive innovative research that will help patients prevail over serious diseases. Among the groups supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada grants are:

Helping health care professionals advance

Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada recognizes the challenges health care professionals face to keep up to date with ever-changing technology and advances and supports various health professional organizations to provide educational services to members. Among the groups supported are: